Greetings to you. This is the world of Myrid, a place wracked by war and sundered by treachery.

Twenty-five years ago, a group of brave adventurers fought and defeated the minions of the Witch-Queen, Wee Jas. Her plan foiled, the Dark Lady retreated to her lair, to plot her return.

The adventuring group continued on their adventures, unaware of the dark deity they had crossed. They travelled far and wide, helping the weak and protecting the innocent. They even explored the great planar expanse, opening the gates that had been sealed for generations.

They grew great and mighty in their power. In the end, alas, it was their power that struck them down, as the elven mage Sibilyn, High Mage of the Southern Lands, gathered together his fellow wizards and started a war of conquest against the northern kingdoms. His armies destroyed the peaceful city-state of Adele, home of poets and artists. Horrified by this, the warriors who had been his friends were forced to turn against him: Darkrunner, the orphaned soldier who became Lord of the Northern Marches; Renne, the faithful dwarven warcleric of Moradin; Sir Herra the Pious, a feared and righteous paladin and Commander of the Knights Pantenger; and Tamara, known as The Swift, Sibilyn’s lover and confidante.

Before the gates of the mighty Free City of Raven, the combined armies of the North stood against the legions of the South. Constructs, summoned creatures and beings of magic made solid fought against blood and steel. Just when it seemed that the magic of Sibilyn would prove too much, there was a sound as the shattering of worlds, and a portal to the Inner Planes was opened by the forces of the Elemental Council. The elemental allies of the heroes of the north swarmed through, and broke the back of the arcane army.

In the end, only one remained. Sibilyn was captured by Sir Herra and Tamara, and they snuck him past their own lines into the clerics’ tent. There, they attempted to heal his wounds, but the magical spells that had preserved his life had been dispelled in the battle. With his end near, he explained that he had, in his hubris, unlocked an ancient evil from a magical prison, far in the south. This evil had possessed him, and used his desire for knowledge to force him to try to take over the world. With his dying breath, he asked their forgiveness and pledged his undying love to Tamara. With that, the life passed from him, old age claiming him at last.

Overcome with grief, Tamara fled the camp, heading south. Though her friends pursued her, they were unable to track her for long, and let her go. She was never seen again.

The Mages War changed everything. Where once the servants of arcane knowledge were respected, now they were hated. Wizards’ towers, bereft of their owners, were plundered and destroyed. Those human wizards who had not joined the Arcane Army dressed themselves in the blue-and-yellow of the Mages Guild and claimed to be sorcerers.

The racial balance of the land shifted. Embarrased by their prodigal child, the elves withdrew to their ancient cities and sealed the entrances behind them. It is said that each of these cities contains a portal to the secret extraplanar home of all elves, and that this secret is why the cities are so closely guarded. Even now, it is certain death for any non-elf to approach these cities, assuming they can even find them.

Fearful of the consequences of war, the dwarves sealed their delves and destroyed the accesses, collapsing tunnels and bridges and diverting rivers. Though the land has been at peace for more than two decades, very few of the delves have re-established communications with the surface world. Some of those that have speak of subterreanean wars with other races of the underground world… wars in which dwarves have not always been victorious.

The gnomish race, which had been declining for years, threw themselves behind the Arcane Army. As a consequence, it has been many years since most remaining people have seen a gnome, and it is argued they may in fact be extinct from the Material Plane.

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